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blockade runner colours

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Walter Snowdon:
I have a fancy to build another semi scale blockade runner and am looking for an unusual or different colour scheme.The majority I have seen are in various shades of grey. A long time ago I remember a reference to a pink runner ( possibly faded red lead paint). Anyone put a name to the ship or have any other sugestions as to an alternatve to grey . Regards, Walter.

Walter, this image of Iron/Wood clad US Essex, is the only one I remember to have seen with an Artists interpretation of anything but water colour grey

This is also clearly hardwood [sleeper profile sizing] cladding over cast iron plates......and near mono-tone to the above upper structures


Walter Snowdon:
Thanks Derek. Essex was a ferry which in 1861 was converted into an IRONCLAD. At that time a shortage of iron meant that a lot of railway lines were rolled flat into iron bars and laid parallel as armour. A shortage of paint meant that the ships rusted very quickly and took on a reddish brown hue. I think that the illustration shows this rather than wood cladding which she never had! Regards, Walter

Eddy Matthews:
I've searched high and low Walter and drawn a total blank!

All I can find are below waterline red lead, grey or black topsides (or rust), and that's about it :(


Walter Snowdon:
Thanks Eddy. Theres a fair bit on civil war warship colours , most of it based on interpretation of dubious black and white photos and therefor pure conjecture, but very little on blckade runners, almost all merchant ships so I think its down to guiswork! regards, Walter


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