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Help Please "Graupner Glasgow"


Has anyone got idea's where to purchase the nylon/plastic gear wheels that come with the "Glasgow" drive shaft/motor , mine have broken., and I don't much want to change position of the motor.

Walter Snowdon:
Hi Mike, unless somewone has a set mouldering in the bottom of a bits box I think you may have difficulties as they have been unavailable for several years. Two things.    have a look at hobbies of Dereham online or in their catalogue usualy available at W H Smiths. They have been selling gears etc for about 120 years! the other is meccano = they again have been making gears for over a century and do several varieties of plastic gears with brass bushes. Alternatively have look at their older type of brass gears usually available 2nd hand from dealers or perhaps old friends who still have boxes of old mecanno for a rainy day. you  may have to alter the gear ratio slightly to get the spacing. OR abetter bet is to go to chain or belt drive as both are infinately variable for spacing and are much quieter and forgiving. regards, walter.
ps if buying meccanno gears ask for slightly used or discoloured as mint (especialy brass) are rediculous prices as they are sought by collectors to look pretty in a box! I normally pay about 75 pence to 1.50 at toy fairs for brass gears up to 3 inch diameter.

Many thanks for your reply and all the information, I think I will investigate the belt route.


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