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I'm waiting for delivery of a Mountfleet Waverley which is 1/53rd scale 54 inch long and 11 beam across the paddles. I'm trying to get some paddles ready for the build I've got no machining available just bench work so I'm looking to either shapeways for 3d printing or model engineering laser both arent  cheap and as a bonus model engineering laser is retiring in the next two weeks and is taking last orders. What size paddle wheels am I looking for? I've tried to contact Mountfleet by phone and email to no avail can you help in any way to alternative suppliers of tell me what size to order.
By trade I'm a qualified press tool maker so the engineering side doesn't scare me it's the facilities I'm lacking in.

See the last page of Float a Boats May 2009 news letter. Their kit is based on the Waverley's paddle wheels.

I've got that newsletter as I'm really piling on the research, I take it I need the larger diameter for my size hull?
Mountfleet must be on holiday I've not been able to contact them all week and this is proving to be the only sticking point im coming across , everything else is on here!

I think it would be the smaller size. Probably best to get the hull/plans and check before you order anything.
There is a drawing of Waverley's paddle wheel in the down load section. You could see if it's got dimensions on it and scale it to you hull to see what size you need.

Float a boat have replied and I think I'm okay for paddle wheels, I think I have been fretting about this too much there's more options than I thought.


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