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Paddle steamers on Vltava river.Czech Republic,Europe


Tomas Krejci:
Let me  publish here the current pages on steamboats on the Vltava River

- VLTAVA paddlesteamer - >

   VYSEHRAD paddlesteamer  >                   

greetings from Euope

Hullo Tomas.......thankyou for sharing...there are some beautiful images of the Old City especially with the night time lighting

Some of the automatic translations were said the steam engine drives the washing machines  :hehe ....which I assumed to be the wheels

Another point was that some paddlers were given the male gender...'he operated on the waters.....'

So lastly, what would one find in the KGB Muzeum?.......just west of the Archibald at the Charles Bridge


Smetana must be very proud!!


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