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A few years ago, I was presented with a Christmas present of a large scale model of the HMCS Bluenose.  I spent Christmas 2007 putting that beautiful model together.  I have an idea that the model was manufactured in China as the rigging is not entirely accurate.  I know this by seeing and being onboard the real HMCS Bluenose when it toured the Great Lakes in Canada.  Otherwise, I certainly have no complaints about displaying the four foot tall model. 

My experience at modelling started in 2005 when I moved to Ottawa, Ontario.   So, there isn't much to say about building the sailing ship.  There was a page of instructions for the rigging and sails.  I didn't add anything to the model as the hull and deck were factory finished.  I had to upend my keyboard to make room on my desk for a work space.  It was exciting to work with the model so I took a bunch of pictures portraying various stages.  The pictures were digitized and saved on the Internet.


Just a small correction, the Bluenose was a fishing boat and not part of the Navy. The designation HMCS, does not apply to her.

Dear Gerald,
  Thanks for the info about the HMCS title.  I wasn't sure how Bluenose was designated.  I looked up Bluenose on the Internet and had a lesson in history of Bluenose.  Still, I have no idea of the ship's designation.  I will see what I can do about removing the HMCS.   

Take care for  now,

Hi Cathy,
As far as I know Bluenose was just referred to as a fishing boat, and spent most of her time as a working boat.


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