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I am a new member, just joined today. I have been scratch building radio controlled boats for several years and my particular interest is in building sailing boats. My next project is to build a Galway Hooker but first I need plans!  Can I ask if any "Paddleduckers" have copies of plans for sale? I would also be interested in the experiences of members who have built/sailed Galway Hookers.

seems to me there was a nice series in Woodenboat magazine and I may have saved them as they included plans and photos.  We have NY hookers but they won 't be of any interest to you . I'll do a little checking--much of my stuff is packed away for now, and get back in a day or so. lots of pictures of hookers on pinterst.


Thanks Greateastern. The plans are sufficient to get the hull built. There are plenty of photos around to enable me to work out the rest.  Cheers


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