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Crest smoke fluid


Dan Sirman:
Does anyone know of a suitable replacement for Crest smoke fluid or somewhere that it can be bought in bulk. I can only seem to find it in 4oz bottles which doesn't go very far. I really like the smoke that it produces so I'd like to stick with what I know works well. Has anyone tried mixing their own smoke fluid? If so, how did you mix it and how well did it work. Any advice would be appreciated.


Eddy Matthews:
It's not a product I'd ever heard of Dan, so I went looking on the internet and found their website - Seems they only do 4oz bottles...


Brian Gates:
I use LGB "Smoke and Cleaning fluid" which comes in 250ml bottles, (plenty for model railways), but the biggest I know of are the 1-litre bottles from Seuthe, the manufacturer of most smoke units

There is also an American manufacturer who supplies eight-ounce bottles (which I think are about 250ml)

Have you considered Disco smoke?  A lot of railway modellers use baby oil although I have read that this throws more muck out of the chimney.

All the best

Any use?

If so stock up - it's on their "when it's gone it's gone' list.


If the smoker is the heated wire type you can try a 50/50  mixture of Varsol and baby oil.


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