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Australian paddle steamer cardboard models from The Netherlands


My name is Jeroen van den Worm from the Netherlands. As a free time "pensionado" hobby, I design and publish cardboard shipmodels. These models can be ordered  through my personal website

Have look at my website and if you do so, you will discover two Australian Murray River paddle steamers which I think might be of interest to many of you, the PS Alexander Arbuthnot and the PS Alexander Arbuthnot. Both models even have a steam engine which is visible through the open hold. The models were designed with the  assistance of the Port of Echuca. Lasercut cardboard sets with eg. open paddle wheels, paddle box sides and railings are either included in the kit (such as with the PS Pevensey) or can be ordered seperate. Later this year a third paddlesteamer may be published (if my freetime allows...), the PS Adelaide. The models are at scale 1: 100 and can be built in simplified or detailed form. The last version delivers you a model that can hardly be distinguished from a wooden model! Why this interest of a Dutchman for Murray river paddle steamers (and other..) Australian ships? Well, my daughter lives in Sydney which may explain something!


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