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Delta Taupo:
Hello people , I have recently purchased a 23 metre replica paddler (formerly WaipaDelta) and am interested to know if anyone knows of anytype of electric hydraulic drive system for paddles (3.8 metre dia).

I know its not traditional ! and probably quite an offensive thought for the purists  ,appreciate youre comments anyway.

Cliff Jones
'Delta - Taupo'

Harold H. Duncan:
Hi Cliff,
Isn't the ex'WaipaDelta" a cat hull with twin diesel driven jet drive with free-wheeling skinny paddles.
The simple answer to your question is YES there are such drives available out there, but the more usual would be an ic (petrol/diesel) engine driving the hydraulic pump, and the hydraulic motor unit mounted on the paddle wheel hub. Somewhat similar to the stern wheeler on Lake Rotorua and the ones on Sydney harbour and at Brisbane. I'm in Hamilton if you want to pm or email me for any further help or suggestions.
Size of units will depend on what you have in mind

Cliff, I am not familiar with "Electric Hydraulic" drives put the paddler based at the Paeroa Maritime Museum (cant for the life of me remember the name at the moment but I am sure Harry will) has a small diesil motor driving a hydraulic pump which then drives separate hydraulic motors on each wheel. Because there is independant control to each wheel she will turn in her own length if one wheel is run forward and the other is reversed. Best of luck with your project, it would be good to see the Delta running as a "proper" paddler.

Cheers, Ian.


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