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Thanks to Eddy we have a new section and it is great to be the first to list in it. I am able to offer steam engine kits made here in New Zealand. These are not a new product having been on the market for several years but some of them have recently undergone a cosmetic upgrade to improve the appearance. There are many satisfied builders among the Model Engineering and Model Boating fraternities in this country. The kits consist of all the materials neccessary to build the engine (including all fasteners, screws, nuts etc) and come with several pages of full size plans and comprehensive instructions. A small lathe is essential to build the engine and although it is possible to get by without a mill having one or a milling attachment for the lathe does make it much easier. These are a quality kit which I am happy to be marketing for the manufacturer. Payment can be made through Paypal or by bank transfer. At present our dollar is quite strong but I believe the pricing will still be very competitive. To convert NZ$ to Pounds at present multiply the NZ$ amount by 0.49 (NZ$100 costs about 49GBP) and to convert to US$ multiply by 0.79 (NZ$100 costs about US$79). The first engine offered is a 16mm bore by 16mm stroke (5/8" by 5/8") double acting slide valve V Twin with reversing gear at NZ$225 plus postage and the second is a 20mm bore by 20mm stroke double acting slide valve vertical twin at NZ$285 plus postage. Single cylinder engines and a Walking Beam engine are available and in the future there will be a 16 x 16 vertical twin and eventually a horizontal twin. I am happy to asnwer questions on the forum or by P M and my email address is visible on my profile if a postage quote is required.

Hi, it is great to have the new section available for traders amnd the first post shows just how useful this could be. To get an uptodate currency conversion  you cana look at Hope that helps the international trade can flourish.



Thanks for that Jim, I hope anybody thinking of ordering from anywhere in the world will use this or similar sites, the exchange rate can change drastically in just a few days. Hopefully other traders will follow my lead in using the section. Perhaps Barry or Derek could persuade Adrian to post a list of the paddlewheel sizes and prices? Cheers, Ian.

Can you give me a price for the 16 x 16 V Twin including shipping to the UK?


Hi, as listed in the post the cost of the engine kitset is NZ$225 to Paddleducks members. Postage to the UK is NZ$51 Economy or NZ$60 Priority (faster delivery), both services include full insurance. Today the exchange rate is NZ$1 = 45p so the engine kit would be 101Pounds and the postage would be either 23Pounds or 27Pounds but as mentioned above the posting the exchange rate changes daily so it pays to check through the site listed. I have just asked a member of the local Model Engineering Club to machine and assemble a couple of engines but they will not be ready for a few weeks. I will also list them on Ebay UK. Let me know if you have any questions. I tried to send you a personal message but apparently you cannot receive these yet. Cheers, Ian.


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