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Hello All,
Now that I know the SJ cant be steam just at this minute, I need another power option (other than pedal!!)
Dad said that marine diesels are to heavy, and I wouldnt be able to find one small enough, is that true?
And I was thinking of the old green petrol engines, the ones that go bang every now and again!! Would they be suitable, given that the weight is ok?

there to heavy old and expensive james you should aim for a little air cooled 4 stroke.

So just a small air cooled 4 stroke petrol motor should do the job then.. Until I can get my hands on a small steam engine, hopefully it wont through out the whole weight distribution and stability thing we have been discussing..
I will start browsing, but no buying just yet.. not for a while..


Hi PD's & as James says

"I will start browsing, but no buying just yet"

This is a good idea to think about the engine first [or should we say the variations on your considered engines].... a small current vintage air cooled four stroke engine will develop optimum power at say 4000 to 6000 RPM

Just wondering what type/size speed reducer you were now considering to bring your paddle axis revolutions to say 150 RPM :?: - Derek

PD's and Derek - I was thinking (as a few have suggested) to have the engine running at bilge level and connect to the drive shaft via a chain.. If that was the case I could lower the RPM from the engine output to the paddles input by making the circumference of the chain circle a lot smaller than the circumference of the drive shafts chain circle.. Kind of like bike gears (but not with multiple gears).. eg.. on the PS Pevensey the engine directly drives a smaller cog which then in turn drives a larger cog and in effect making the paddles RPM a lot smaller/slower than the engines RPM..
Hope that makes sense!!
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!


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