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"OCEAN" finished!

Today I made a first test run in a wooden test trough - this one wasn`t really watertight. I can`t use my test tank made of plexiglass, because the model with 322 cm is much too long. Only minor adjustments were necessible - for example the Stephenson gear for ahead and back. Draft is with deplacement of 8,6 kg only 2 cm. It would be better some more draft for deeper diving the rigid paddlewheels in water. The chinese Microcosm engine seems very good - no leaking of steam and water like a good original engine. Gear reduction to nthe paddle shaft is 2,3 : 1, even this seems ok.
Engine needs pressure of 1,0 bar to drive the wheels in water, between 1,6 and 2 bar the power seems good.
I consider to take some ballast for deeper draft of the boat and better efficiency of the paddlewheels.

There were some minor compromises to make this model steam driven. Hull with 150 mm wide is 20 mm more than scale. The front part of the engine house must be much more wide than scale to take in the 2 cylinder engine, the original ship was driven by a very large single cylinder geared by valves similar to the big american single cylinder engines (french system Bourdon).

Now I hope you will enjoy the pictures!

Paddlewheels/Drive Systems / Re: RPM reduction and other quandries
« Last post by william stafford on June 28, 2022, 08:20:12 PM »
you can always throttle back w speed control, as i do to about 50\60%, but if the wind comes up when you are out on the lake, full steam ahead !!
you cant do that if you only have 150/200 rpm at the wheeli use gear head motors w 1000 rpm out put shaft, to HTD/MXL 3:1 tooth belts, much better than gears as no noise, plenty of these motors on the net, but if i couldnt get them i would just add1/2 belt reductions and make mt own
Introduce Yourself / Hello from Dryden, Michigan, USA
« Last post by VP Pappy on June 27, 2022, 11:12:35 PM »
   My name is Terrence I. Murphy (also, I use Terrence Murphy and Terrence "VP Pappy" Murphy) and I'm the author of 11 books (five more on the way on early automobile history) on various subjects ranging from early aircraft to Texas Hold'em poker at Amazon Books. I've recently started a new book on steamboats and steamships and may be asking for the members help in finding some of these early water going vessels in the future. Until then, I glad I found this site and look forward to posting.
 :bravo :clap :great :terrific :trophy
Chinese Microcosm 29 M engine arrived. I have altered the engine for a paddle one similar to the Graham TVRIA engines. Today I made a test run. The power of this engine seems extraordinary. Because bore and stroke are 12 x 13 mm the power plant runs fast, but with unexpected strong torque. Also it`s very tight, there is nearly no loss of steam and water. Steam consumption seems rather low. In comparison with other slide geared engines until now I must conclude: This seems the best one, even for the rather low price.
Now I will finish the "OCEAN" within two weeks. gear reduction to paddle shaft will 4,00 : 1,75.

Paddlewheels/Drive Systems / Re: RPM reduction and other quandries
« Last post by Bierjunge on June 14, 2022, 09:50:17 PM »
A 32" long model will be able to obtain a hull speed of not more than 2.5 mph or 3,7 feet per second. At this speed, a 3" dia wheel would rotate at 280 rpm if we neglect slip between wheel an water.
A no-load idle speed of 300 to 350 rpm, as suggested by william, therefore seems perfectly plausible. Pretty high revs for a paddler, though.

Thanks Andreas. The weight of the model was nearly exact of the expectations and calculations. The material of my brass boilers is only 1 mm, it`s absolutely strong enought for pressure between 3 and 4 bar. The Regner 12/36 engine is reliably and the base of the newer engines are made of alu, so this one is far lighter than the old 12/36 ones with iron base. Nevertheless it`s difficult, to start the cold engine - the piston slides and pistons are made of teflon, what gives great steam tightness, but takes some time to thrust out the condensing water. Probably it would be better, to overheat the steam to 170 - 180 C.

For my last project, the Rhone Porteur "OCEAN", with 323 lenght, I now got a Chinese twin cylinder engine with Stephenson gear. I will alter this engine for a laying one with gear reduction of 2 : 1. Deplacement of the very narrow and flat hull will only little more than 8 kg. Hull can be divided in 3 pieces for transport.

Many regards

Hi Thomas,

the 5.6 kg for the engine including Boiler is looking sporty! Do not forget the water in the boiler!
The construction of the hull is very solid according to the photos. There was some avoidable weight, but now it is inside the hull, fitted forever.
When adapting the engine, try to avoid all noot necessary weights, especially in the base the prefabricated engines have too much metal. And the boilers, you can buy, the mantle usually is very thick, mine never have more than 1,5mm. If you need a biolier design with less weights I can offer my drawings of a 1 tube and a 2 tube model boiler, but machined by professional workshops with CAM and made of inox steel. They are the model boilers of my paddle steamer DIESSEN and the screw driven steamer SCHONDORF.

Kind regards
Paddlewheels/Drive Systems / Re: RPM reduction and other quandries
« Last post by william stafford on June 05, 2022, 09:50:30 PM »
my recomend is tooth belts,MXL should be ok w 385 and 3:1 reduction, aim for 300/350 rpm at paddle wheel, if you use a 545 motor go w
HTD belts, i have stripped MXL, you can use the speed control too slow paddle wheels, but if its at maximum speed, bad luck
Preserved Paddle Ships / Re: PV Pride of the Murray
« Last post by derekwarner_decoy on May 30, 2022, 03:01:09 PM »
Well .....

If She is going to a good home, then so be it......appears that the new Owner has Tickets booked 1700 Km away  :bravo

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