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I hope I get replies to this its been hardwork!
I collect postcards of London, I have a few of PS but got the one attached which shows (primarily) MV Royal Sovereign passing under Tower Bridge. BUT is that a paddle steamer above it at Tower Pier? in top LH corner of card, it looks wide enough and I have a card of PS Royal Eagle in 1946 around here, could it have been there?

Walter Snowdon:
Hi Dave. the royal sovereign looks as if she is just arriving or leaving as by the wash her engines are running slowly astern. unfortunately the image is too blurred to make much out. for instance I cant see any mooring lines and as for the other vessel it is unrecognisable. Is there any way you could sharpen the image?. both before and after WW" there were a number of paddle steamers operatring upriver, mainly as "showboats and excursion trips. Regards, walter.

Sorry, I didn't realise that the  website only allowed me to upload 1 image, here is the whole postcard


You can upload more thain 1 image.....after the first upload ......look for [more attachments] box & click that ...also, read the text on attachment limits

Just keep each image below the limit.......the second image displays the larger file size



I found the photograph, on your postcard, appears in the book, London's Pleasure Steamers by Andrew Gladwell. The text which accompanies the photograph reads -

"Royal Sovereign passing under Tower Bridge with the Royal Eagle alongside Tower Pier. This photograph was taken in the late 1940s when Thames services experienced a boom in services. Royal Sovereign had just entered service and the Royal Eagle despite being less than than two decades old, was facing withdrawal soon after this photo was taken".


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