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Robert Hornby:
I have finished my model of my interpretation of what the engine room of the ferry General Gordon may have looked like. It was intended to be a fully working model driven by compressed air. However I cannot got it to run and the reason I believe is a lack of flywheel inertia. In real life the paddle wheels would have been heavy enough to act as the flywheel but weight cannot be scaled for a model hence the conundrum.
So I am changing tack completely and will drive it via an electric motor from below. My question is am I close to thinking that 60 RPM for the paddle wheel will be about right ?

To write anything substantial about your problem I need some dimensions: What`s the diameter of the wheel and what`s bore and stroke of the engine? Is the engine running well, if wheel is out of water? How strong was the pressure? For example my own experience: For direct driving paddlewheel of diameter of 150 mm, one needs an engine stroke of ca. 35  mm.


Robert Hornby:
Thanks Hank, My model will not be going in a boat, it is just a stand alone model of an engine room and drive mechanism to the paddle. It will never see water.
So my simple question is " Is 60 rpm for the paddle wheel about right to look OK. ?
I need to work out the gearing and chose a slow motor, but that will not be a problem.


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