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RPM reduction and other quandries


Andy F:
This might seem like a daft question but is there some sort of magic formula that can be applied for fitting one motor to one paddle wheel for a particular speed range?

Forget the 6 shaft monstrosity I was alluding to the other day, this one will have one wheel centrally mounted and I'm wondering about the best way of delivering power to the wheel using most likely a 385 motor and a 7.2v nimh.
I don't really want to go down the rubber band route if I can help it. If that was the only option then I'd prefer chain drive but I'm really more leaning towards gears or similar. Altogether a more 'solid' feeling.

For anyone who feels the need to know, the model will be roughly 32" long and the paddle will probably be around the 3" diameter 2"wide mark and I'm looking for a  roughly walking pace cruising speed.

I think what I'm really asking here is what would be the ideal RPM for a wheel that big for a believable model speed.

Any ideas?


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