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Hi All
Can anyone tell me what wood is used for the deck please??

Found this from the paddle steamer preservation society website the wood is from West Africa of a kind called Iroko?  not something you can find at B&Q the colour photos on the website may help with colour matching i can't post a direct link I'm using a kindle and it doesn't copy and paste very well.

Hi DavidM
Many thanks for info, its just that I am trying to match the colour on my build from pictures I have seen, looks quite light in colour.

Walter Snowdon:
I David I spent many weeks some years ago working on Waverley as a volunteer and the Iroko when new is a gingery mud brown colour which appeers dark when new. It soon weathers down to a much paler straw grey culour due to salt and constant washing with FRESH water every couple of days. When in service it looks a bit like dirty oak. Remember, when we are painting models we are looking at a subject which is many yards away and distance in scale tends to lighten everything. So trying to emulate the "full size colour makes the model look darker than it shoud, So I always tend to lighten things like decks and horizontal areas. Look at particularly small models where the builders have copied the exact colour match and they are all several shades too dark! Regards, Walter.

Walter, many thanks for the information I'll see how I get on trying to find the right size wood cut to modelling size. The shading will be interesting to achieve !!!.


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