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PV Julie Fay (Murray River, Australia)


Roderick Smith:
Previous references have been in general threads, lost amongst other paddleboats.
Some of the earlier photos don't show any more.

Here is its own thread.

This was built in Port Adelaide, and voyaged under its own power around the coast and through the Murray mouth for half-day tour work at Morgan, then at Mannum.  In 1985 it was sold to Echuca owners.  By 2005 it was based upstream of Cobram, as a private vessel, with little use.  I met it at the top of Barmah Choke in 2013, heading to Echuca for a rally.  After checking the choke by tinnie, the owner decided not to continue.  In 2019 it was sold, and is now positioned as a moored bed & breakfast at Murtho, between Renmark and lock 6 (SA).

Attached: the b&b photos.  I'll winkle out mine and post another time.
191023W-Fairfax-Domain-JulieFay, a, b, c, d, e & f.

Roderick Smith


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