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Looking for advice please

Which Sievert blow torch is recommended ?

I need to silver solder a 3" diameter x 7" long copper boiler - which Torch/nozzle would be suitable ?

Thanks in advance

Ive got 2941 and 2942 burners, you may be able too do it with a 2941 but it may be a bit marginal on heat output, and that would depend on how you reflect the heat, and if you want to use higher temperature silver solder (over 650C) the 2942 burner would definately do it. the 2942 burner can use 3 times the amount of gas as the 2941 burner. If you dont already have a Sievert torch you might find that there are cheaper alternatives that work but are much cheaper. The advantage of Sievert torches/ burners is the interchangeability of them.

this is my setup, from left to right

3524 cyclone burner
and a couple of burner tubes. for most of the work I do now, I use the smallest 2 burners. the cylone burners have the combustion air going into the burner by the handle, so can be used in tight corners where other burner would extinguish due to the combustion gases putting the burner out

Thanks Optima21

I have bought a Sievert pro 86 kit & some vermiculite blocks - I will complete some test pieces to see how I get on   :)

Cheers Clive


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