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ICE paddle tug TYNE?


Walter Snowdon:
Help! While DROWSING tinternet last year, I came on an interesting small (About 16-18 inch?) plastic kit of a paddle tug. I believe it was called TYNE and looks like a typical british tug. It comes with a nice looking integral T shaped motor and gearbox. it looked a quite basic but nevertheless interesting little kit which would take small R/C gear.Being a duffer I have lost the site! The company name on the boxart was ICE.  They also produce a number of cargo ships, research vessels etc as simple working models complete with motors, shafts, battery boxes etc. They are used as instruction model extensively in chinese schools. Has anyone seen this kit  or knows of the manufacturers web site. I seem to remember it was priced at about 20 sterling. I WANT ONE! SO please make an old man happy. (I am 79 next week). regards Walter.

Walter Snowdon:
Whose a complete Duffer?. Ive just found it again! web site www,AliExpress.com32689580631.html If you click on view details and pay, scroll down and there is a good picture of the box contents. If anyone knows the manufacturer I will be interested. Regards, Walter.

Walter Snowdon:
By the way It is called Srongbow and NOT TYNE!. Walter.

I just looked that up and it does look an interesting model, particularly as it seems to be motorised.

There is a small problem with your quoted's the one I found it on:

Walter Snowdon:
Thanks for that correction! makes it much easier. vAlthough smaller than I originaly described it has a lot of scope for detailing and conversion work. Ideal for a calm day at the lake. regards, walter


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