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paddle steamer Bohemia vacform kit.

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Walter Snowdon:
Many years ago I built the Pelikan kit of an early steamer the Bohemia  in a hurry for a paddler day at our club. For all the rush it turned out rather well. It changed hands three times in our club and I have lost track of it!!!. I would like to build another and make a better job of it. Does anyone know whether the kit is still available and are the Czech manufacturers are still in existence?.  Regards, Walter.

Eddy Matthews:
Morning Walter,

Your model of the Bohemia was always a favourite of mine, and I too would like to build one if it can be found somewhere? Please let me know if you locate one!


Walter Snowdon:
Hi Eddy. Will do!  I think mark got mine and it changed hands twice after that- I dont know who has it now- but I think its still in the club but its closed down completely for the forseable future as is the park so we cant even go sailing!  I have a plan for making bohemia from a Czech magazine if all else fails. Regards, Walter.

Eddy Matthews:
I've had no luck tracing the kit for Bohemia Walter, but there are some plans for her....

Walter Snowdon:
Thanks for that Eddy- Ive saved it. I came across an interesting (early ) painting of her on a Czech postage stamp would you believe!. It has a suprising amount of detail in it! Regards, Walter.


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