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Hi All
I am building it with a Graupner steam engine and boiler. Any comments would be well received.
I had some trouble with the shaft for the wheels. The indentations were in the wrong position as the gears would not mesh.
I only found this out after cutting the holes for the shaft bearings.
I had to reposition the shaft afterwards. so there are two big holes in the hull to fill.
Has anyone else had this problem.
Anyway here are some pic's.

Here are some more pic's

and pics of the wheels. I have replaced the press studs in the wheels with 3mm x 10 mm srews and nuts .
The nuts are thread locked to the screws.

Looking good  :clap :clap :clap

Ok so I have got some more done to the Glasgow.
First the moldings of the vents were baddly bent so I made a new pair on the 3D printer.
Then I got the wheel wings fitted in the correct position.


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