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Anyone interested in easy build Classic RC model schooners or sloops?

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I've joined this forum for help and guidance in constructing an electric side paddler. And very glad  I have.   :)

Over the past 12 months I've built a gaff rigged schooner and two sloops that sail like a dream from yesteryear.

Here a few photos by way of introduction .  My personal blog site has a lot of info should anyone fancy getting into sailboats using familiar timbers.

Check out  for information on where to get plans, and how they turn out!~

And a couple of YouTubes of the boats  in action.


 :bravo :beer :clap :terrific

Walter Snowdon:
 I particularly like the schooner it has a very American look about it . The two yawls are interesting- double ended AND spritsail rigged! There is nothing as beautiful as a schooner sailing (I have built three in my 71 years of modelling) EXCEPT a clyde paddler ploshing its way through the water!. Regards, Walter.

Bought from hobby shop I worked for in the late 60's and built as rehab for my Dad after a nasty fall through a faulty manhole cover at a telephone exchange landing back down on a 44 gal drum floating below.

Walter Snowdon:
Hi Damien. That looks a bit like the old Emma C berry kit to me!. (No longer available). I built one about  thirty years ago . Alas It never saw the water. I had taken it to a friends workshop to set the sail winch and while we were having a cuppa a shelf load of heavy tools colapsed on it, crushing it and two of my mates models to pulp - a very sorry day! regards, Walter


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