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I spent the remainder of my Chrissy money on 3 plans to think on for future builds.

1/ Irene a tad small at 14 3/4in I'll scale her up 100%

2/ A steam packet ship.


3/ Lulonga

If it was me I'd go for the steam packet...could be adapted to ACW blockade runner or a  an 'aviso' in a European fleet of the same period.

No criticism intended but I can't believe that another '3' is the best choice on variety criteria!!.....

The steam packet would have to be modified to paddle only drive I think a dome covering the paddle drive pulley and I would hopefully be able to skip the propellor shown in the pic.
Prop models stall on lake within minutes there's so much weed.

I'm showing my ability to miss details again...I never noticed the prop!!!

 :sobbing :sobbing :sobbing haha I didn't notice the prop until posted the pic.


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