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This is my first post with photos so if I have done it wrong please tell me.

I started this model about 30 years ago when my wife gave me the Billing's Boats kit for a birthday present. I spent 2 winters building the hull and starting the rigging, then pressure of work and family problems forced me to put it to one side. I do not have any photos of that stage of the build. In 2006 my wife and I retired and moved to South West France. I built a crate for the model to protect it during the move.

Photo 1 was taken in 2010 when I removed the model from the packing crate. It was covered in a thick layer of dust which took a whole day to clean off with a small paint brush and cotton buds.

Photo 2 shows ratlines being fitted to the main shrouds.

Photo 3 shows the futtock shrouds, forestays and deadeyes for the topmast shrouds at the foretop.

Photo 4 shows the completion of the standing rigging, painted black to represent the Stockholm tar, which would have been used to protect the ropes from the elements. Fitting the ratlines involved tying over 1500 clove hitches. The hull has been painted white below the waterline and the rudder fitted. This work was done during the winter of 2012/13 when I also made the sails. The sails were originally available from Billings as a separate kit, but the Norske Löve has been withdrawn from the Billings range.

Photo 5 shows the crowsfoot at the foretop which prevented the foot of the foretops'l getting caught under the foretop during reefing.

Photo 6 shows the maintop with sails fitted.

Photo 7 shows the mizzen top.

Photo 8 shows the foredeck with foremast and jib-boom running rigging belayed to pin rails.

Photo 9 The stern-gallery. In later versions of the kit the various wood carvings were supplied as plastic injection mouldings, but in this case they were carved from printed obechi sheet.

Photos 10 & 11 General views.

The work from photos 5-11 should have been completed during the winter of 2013/14 but ran on well into the summer, with the final touches being done just in time for the local model club's exhibition in September.

Working on my Glen Rosa is a pleasant change to wood and metal work after all that sewing and ropework.

Best regards to you all      Brian


Brian this is a masterful build Welldone :clap :no1b


That's very kind of you Damien. I hope you are keeping well. Brian

Superb workmanship...congratulations.

I keep putting off making the ratlines on my ironclad ships so perhaps you will inspire me to something on them this year!!! lol.

Thanks for the message Spankbucket. I am not surprised you keep putting off doing the ratlines, it is always possible to find something else more interesting to do. If you pm me when you have worked up the urge, I can give you some tips to ease the pain.       Brian


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