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 very nice site and I was blown away by seeing a paddler  in Japan given to them by the Dutch (a replica (1987) now of the original scrapped in 1876) , and would make a nice model--in my NEXT LIFETIME.  The original plans are in the maritime Mus in Amsterdam
  As usual, I found this when looking for SOMETHING ELSE! never fails.
there is also section on engines

Really nice content...thanks for the link.

you're welcome. I sometimes wonder if  listing websites that are "passive" are more or less annoyances to the group. . New things are what keep the few neurons I have  left in working order.  Age takes its toll on the old brain so I always look for ways to keep it functioning, and curiosity may kill the cat but it hasn't killed me yet.

Keep them coming  :terrific as you find them any new info is good info and much appreciated by the members.
I'm sure there are more than just me that only gets to the shed when the body allows so we  sit at the pooter and browse the sites to gain or impart ideas and accolades to modellers whom are the same or are still actively modelling to their hearts content.


Hi Dave
What a find! I need another lifetime!


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