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Dc power circuit needed


Hi pds
Does anyone have a simple dc circuit to satisfy my needs.
I am using 2 x 6volt sla batteries in parallel to power the esc etc but need 12volts to power the smoke generator and lighting. Want to use the 6volt slas in series to get 12 v.
Need a proper circuit so I don't fry anything.
The 6volt parallel circuit will have fuses and diodes to stop back feeding

Hope a circuit is readily available


In my mind the best way to do it, 6 volts for the esc power, and separate 12 volt from a LIPO or NIMH Akku for the smoke generator. It`s much easier to handle.

Hi Grumpy,
Depending on the current draw of the smoke generator this little 6v to 12v converter may fix your delemma

Sorry if I am to late to help you but to anyone having this problem I was in the same quandary but I went the other way around. In my Delta Queen I will have a 12 volt smoke generator, sound generator, 12 volt lights, electric motor and a modified servo for a radar unit. I have ideas to add some more items. This all will run off a 12 volt garden tractor battery so battery drain must be at a minimum. My solution was to buy three to run the radio and the radar and the third is for future use.
On our last warm day before winter I took it all outside and had it running for an hour before I had to quit for other reasons.
It would be a bigger drain on a battery if you stepped up from 6 to 12 volts.


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