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paddle gun boat models of possible interest


Here is a model and many pictures of a German Navy paddle gunboat, The Nautilus 1870. Click on the blue links  in the second line and
the paddle frigate circa 1840 at the Science  Museum

by clicking on the pictures you get a larger, full view in both places.

and this one in Paraguay

Thanks for putting up those links....very useful

The British paddle gunboat model provides a wealth of details....could come in handy for those of us into 'Nemesis' projects and Victorian warships in general.

The Argentinian one is particularly interesting and of great interest for those into the 'Ironclad' period as it covers various river gunboats, both paddlers and screw-driven from the Triple Alliance War. There is even a monitor in there.

However there quoted length of the 'Anhambay' at 412 metres would have made twice as long as than the Great Eastern?! (must be 41.2 m?).


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