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London fakes?


Roderick Smith:
Is this one real sternwheel, or fake?  SWPV Elizabethan.

The company also has SWPV Dixie Queen.


Brian Gates:
Sorry to disappoint you Roderick

The replica paddle steamer MV Dixie Queen was originally a car ferry  whilst the Elizabethan was built for a company owned by Richard Branson in 1985.

I doubt anything could manoeuvre on a fast running and busy river like the Thames with sternwheels as shown here

All the best
Brian Gates

Roderick Smith:
I interpret Brian's answer as lazy paddles to look good, but screw (or water jet) propulsion.
Two fake sternwheelers in Australia had the lazy paddle removed.  I'm fairly sure those on Brisbane River and Sydney Harbour are real.

I'm guessing Elizabethan ahead and Edwardian alongside.



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