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Built from a Stirling Models Kit (USA) around 1971-2 to help my dad work through a physical breakdown I lay-by'd it at the hobby shop I worked at at the time with Radio and everything needed to finish her $600 was a lot of money back then. We built her as a team then years later when I got married he gave her to me on 2 conditions I finisher ( Sail winches and R/C gear and sail her.

Hasn't had her keel wet for 18+ years hope to get the Vintage Futaba 5 wire gear working again.

No pic's sailing as I only have negatives.

Walter Snowdon:
I also built this kit in the early nineteen seventies. A lovely design but oh the quality!. rock hard hairy balsa which looked as though it was die-cut with broken bricks and the white metal castings were only good for ballast. Still, after replacing half the kit it made up into a very pretty schooner and a good sailer!. Regards, walter

Brian Gates:
A pretty looking model, I see why you were keen to get the radio going.


Thanks Brian.
I built winches because they hadn't been invented when I did them  they are based on the Archimedes screw 3/4 copper pipe with a 3/16" slot cut length wise  with bearings each end and a traveler on 1/4" threaded rod to do the work.
I built 2 one each for mainsail and the 2 jibs they're 13 1/2" overall length.
just loading these pic's I've found some cringe worthy problems and servos appear hot melt glued in place lol

As you see from the pic's the wiring is complex I hope it still works as I lost the memory section of the brain in radiation for a grapefruit size brain tumor that had all my electronics skills, I didn't lose model building though just what I'd made a living off for many years all gone lol They call it acquired brain injury and is very common with radiation to the brain.
I had to call my son for help with the battery box.

hi damian ,

you don't realise how much progress we have made, since you built this boat I am amazed at how you did it  :08, are you going to keep this method for winches. as if it works it would give it a antique stateus showing old and recent methods. well done hope you can do a video of it working



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