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PV Kookaburra Queen I & II (Brisbane River, Qld, Australia)


Roderick Smith:
On Fri.6.2.08, I had a very pleasant dinner cruise on SWPV Kookaburra Queen II.
This three-deck boat is the larger of the two vessels in the fleet, the other being a two-deck sidewheeler.
This was not a busy night; all patrons were on the main deck, eating restaurant style at tables for two or for four, with a self-serve buffet, and an entertainment duo.
I spent some time on the bridge: we were in plenty of depth (about 13 m for a boat drawing 2 m), but we cleared some of the bridges with only a metre or two as the margin.  The cruise went upstream of William Jolly Bridge, then down to a point level with the downstream end of the Rivercat route (ie not to the cargo docks).
The boat was running on half power.  It does have bow thruster.  There was no wind, but there was an inbound tide.  Because the other boat was moored dead ahead, the captain went forward slightly, pulling the bow in, then backed out.  We cast off at 19.30, and docked at 22.00.
There are photos at:
See also:
Most cruises are entirely within the river, but one cruise per year goes out to Moreton Bay, to witness the start of a major coastal yacht race.

Roderick Smith:
Here are six views of SWPV Kookaburra Queen II.

The interior is fitted out with Queensland timber panelling: very smart.
I couldn't get even a glimpse of the rudders, but the captain told me that there are two between the hull and the sternwheel.

The thumbnails aren't showing, but the photos are still there.  Click on the icons to see them.

Roderick Smith:


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