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Have been watching the Echuca Moama Webcam when I get a chance, - usually only for a few minutes at a time.
Noticed a lot more activity on the river lately with the school holidays, and heat wave etc.

Michael, - not a bad photo of the sparks flying out of the Pevensey's Funnel, it looks like she's not fitted with a spark arrestor.

Any reason why the Adelaide hasn't been out on a trip in a while ? - she must have been idle for the best part of 2 months now - hope everything is OK !
I did notice just the other day the her starboard side paddle box is being stripped back for re-painting, I think her last major paint job was over Spring/Summer of 02, however her hull was cleaned and re-painted sometime in early 04.

I also noticed that the Tooraloora has been moved a few times within the Onion Patch, and that the lower deck superstructure frames are up.

Nothing much happenning with the Etona and the Hero at the moment, I'm starting to wonder when the Etona will be on the river again under her own steam, do you know how much work is left to be done ?
I thought the the Hero might be finally operating commercially by now, but I'm now thinking that the good old local government red tape has prevented that due to the slightly primitive mooring site (Log Slip Landing). - is this about right, because I'm certain that all of the plumbing and electrical fittings are complete, and that she is technically finished, ah well, at least MRPS will be happy for a bit longer.

Sorry about all the questions but I just like to know what's happenning.


Roderick Smith:
Spirit of the Coorong / Spirit of the Murray Echuca – Albury – Echuca cruises.
Phone: 08 8555 2203
Toll Free: 1 800 442 203
Email: bookings @
Facsimile: 08 8555 5101
29.1-2.2 Echuca – Albury was fully booked and removed from the website; now has cancellations.
3-7.2 Albury – Echuca was fully booked and removed from the website; now has cancellations.
11-15.2 Echuca – Albury is fully booked.
17-20 Albury – Echuca is cancelled.  The boat will be placed on the truck at Albury for its return to Goolwa.

The downstream terminus is Cadell Motel, so the cruise passes the whole Echuca fleet (private & commercial), those boats now moored at Barmah, anything in the water at Picnic Point, PV Julie Fay at Barooga, a fake SWPV at Yarrawonga and PS Cumberoona at Albury.  There are also some commercial nonpaddlers along the way.  If arriving by car, you could visit the engineering yard where PV 'Cameron of Lochiel' is being fitted out, and also Perricoota (PV Wanganui; access to PV Florence Annie may not be possible).  Announce your intention, and Michael may be able to steer you to Australien.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

I haven't been able to get down the wharf for a few weeks as I've been flat out with work and then my own jobs after hours. I can tell you the latest goss I know tho.....
1. PS Hero: Not much has happened to her Gary was hoping to get some more work done to her once all Christmas and New Years is over, so shouldn't be too far away.
2. PS Adelaide: Not sure about the painting- all the boats need a good coat. PS Pev and A.A have been rostered for Jan cruisesI haven't got Feb's roster yet but she's in operation mode with water in the boiler, she was used mid dec for a private charter for a couple of hours.
3. Tooraloora: Port management has changed the past month orr so and wrapped her up in red tape not allowing Adam Auditori to continue work, after a few meetings she has been given the green light and he's back working on her I think she's tied up in front of Billy Tea.
4.Etona: the owner is busy playing around on the other new owners boats ie. Ranger and James Maiden. She was supposed to get a whole new front deck and cabins last year but then he changed to a different builder so I don't know when that will happen and he still has to order new tubes and have them fitted. Apparently there was some welding done inside the barrel and according to some people its pretty shitty and they don't wont to be on her when she blows up!!
5. Other news: the silt in front of wet dock is due to be removed this month with a excuvator building a dirt wall across the entrance so it can reach up to in front of the pev and dig its way back.
The wharf is undergoing a major rebuild late Jan+ including replacing pilons upto 2/3 of the wharf will be worked on so i think port boats will be loading passengers at the northern end of the wharf (adelaides mooring).

Thanks Michael,

I actually thought the Hero was finished, and just laying idle due to red tape, there must be only electrical/plumbing work to be completed, because she's been out on a few trips under her own steam.

Yeah, I know what you mean about the wharf, I noticed that there's been some bracing installed and that at least one pylon is almost snapped in half, or it appears to be anyway !
Probably the most obvious thing I noticed in 06 was the loose planking, - probably borderline between rustic and just plain unsafe !

As far as the Port's change of management is concerned, - is this limited to the director's or has it extended to Manager & CEO level
Is Frank Ryan still the Manager ?
Interesting to hear that this prevented Adam Auditori from working on the Tooraloora, does this have anything to do with the heavy workload at the Port ?

As far as the Etona is concerned, - has Bob Symmons actually replaced the original 1898 boiler with an exchange boiler that needs re-tubing, or is he re-tubing the original one with the rounded furnace ?
I was told that this one was completely rooted and shouldn't be fired at all, and I wouldn't have thought that a re-tube would bring it back to survey standard either.

Thanks again for the up-date !


Got down the port today to get up to scratch with the goss.
Tooraloora they red taped her because they didn't think it was appropriate to have her constructed there, but it ended up being that it is shipwright work so it will be able to continue.
Frank Ryan has left and a lady by the name Kelly works there noe and also in the council offices, Mesh and Annitta also do a far bit in  organising.
Adelaide is getting a new coat of paint, starboard paddlebox today, and the wheel house has been sanded back and the steps getting painted too.
Shes to steam on Australia towing D:26 barge.
Yes Etona still has her original boiler and engines still in her!!


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