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Roderick Smith:
Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia (Victorian Passenger Division) was to run a 3 night charter of PS Emmylou from Echuca to Barmah Lake and return, over Sun.15-Wed.18.10.
The plan:
Sunday morning ex Melbourne by minibus. ~17.00 cast off.
Monday: Cape Horn Winery, Barmah town (with the ‘preserved’ wooden punt, replaced by a bridge ~1964.
Tuesday: Barmah Lake cruise aboard local ferry MV Kingfisher, then head down river.
Wednesday: Echuca disembark ~12.00, minibus back to Melbourne.
Emmylou holds 18 passengers, in eight twin cabins plus one double, with shared toilet and shower.
Normally it cruises downriver towards Torrumbarry; upriver cruises rarely go past Barmah town.

See www . and the research thread in this forum from wharfonline.
Google for MV Kingfisher's website.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

Walter Snowdon:
Sounds great Roderick- wish I could come! Keep us posted and some on-board photos would be very nice! Regatds, Walter.

Roderick Smith:
The cruise on which I had booked was cancelled 3 weeks ago (lack of numbers).
However, a different private cruise at that date was aiming to cover the same stretch of water (ie upriver, past Barmah township, under the bridge, and on to Barmah lakes).  I have been unable to fathom if it did, but new paddleducker Michael should be able to confirm/deny via his contacts.

To reward the 110 views of this nonevent news, I now enclose a photo of PS Emmylou: modern construction, but traditional vernacular.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

I have always wanted to go on an overnight cruise on the Emmylou (or the Marion) just to see more river and spend some quality time on the boat!! But it is weird because I only started liking the Emmylou in the last year or two, you know I never did like it but now I really do!! Maybe just 'maturing the taste' a little bit. It is a pity that the cruise was cancelled, if I knew about it maybe I could have made up some numbers  Let me know all ebout it... and when all the cruises are if you can?

The Emmylou isn't high on my 'liking' list. Mum likes it and the sound it makes, but it's a train whistle and the engine's forward and reverse is operated in the wheel house which annoys me from an engineering perspective.

I've only recently started liking A.A as I've been working on her as engineer. I know her boiler is under powered for her engine but the more you stoke her the more chances the passengers get to see the fire which is what they like and as I'm not overly big oiling the engine isn't awfully uncomfortable yet. So the A.A is shooting up the list of likeable boats...not to mention you can build up her fire really big and then not worry about it for an hour...however upon return and a restoke you can see the grate....thats a worry about how fast it burns wood eh!


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